Tall monitors?

I’m doing a lot of writing just now. Writing naturally involves reading back my writings to see if they make sense, if they fit in context, if they’re necessary, etc etc. But I hate reading things on-screen. Hate.

I think I might have just figured out why, though. If I’m reading back a document, then it’s a PDF. If I’m reading a document, I want to see the entire page. I hate having to zoom in, zoom out, scroll down, scroll up, etc. I want: page filling screen, then page up/page down controls.

Neither the widescreen monitor I have in the office is good for this, nor is the wide screen on my laptop. They’re just not tall enough. I lose enough screen real-estate with task bars, window decorations, and menu bars that by the time I fit the page to the (vertically maximised) window, the text on the page is tiny. I spend more time trying to decipher the anti-aliased text than reading the words.

So my ideal setup probably looks more like this:

Screen 1, left of centre: Tall screen, A4 proportions, so I can fill the screen with a an entire (readable) page. Matt finish, not gloss. Easy brightness controls. Big enough that anti aliasing is not evident.

Screen 2, right of centre: Wide screen, as I have just now. Wide enough that I can have two or three windows open, each vertically maximised.

Ideally, also, a recompile of my LaTeX should automatically update the PDF viewer’s representation. gv used to do this; why doesn’t acroread?



Posted by Stephen Strowes on Friday, May 2nd, 2008. You can follow me on twitter.

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