ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) 2010: Day 1


The notes that follow are a mixture of what each speaker said, or bullets listed on slides (verbatim, with minor US->UK deltas because I was touch-typing), or thoughts of my own. If you were at IMC and you spot errors (likely), do feel free to point them out, and I’ll fix them.

The amount of text written for each is proportional to certain variables: How tired I was during the talk, how interested I was in the talk, how much I knew about the subject material, and how good the speaker was. Note also that these are pretty raw. Questions are omitted if the question was not clear; many responses from the speaker have been shortened for brevity.

Conference Website:

Location: BMW Edge Ampitheatre, Melbourne, Australia

Dates: 1 – 3 November, 2010

Submissions breakdown:

Session 1: Services

Long paper: CloudCmp: Comparing Public Cloud Providers

Speaker: Ang Li

Short paper: Comparing DNS resolvers in the wild

Speaker: Bernard Ager

Long paper: Improving content delivery using provider-aided distance information

Speaker: Ingmar Poese

Session 2: Security

Long paper: Detecting and characterizing social spam campaigns

Speaker: Hongyu Gao

Long paper: Detecting Algorithmically generated malicious domain names

Speaker: Sandeep Yadav

Long paper: Internet Background Radiation Revisited

Speaker: Eric Wustrow

Session 3: Economics

Short paper: On Economic Heavy Hitters: Shapley Value Analysis of the 95th-Percentile Pricing

Speaker: Rade Stanojevic

Short paper: Challenges in Measuring Online Advertising Systems

Speaker: Saikat Guha

Session 4: Methodology I

Long paper: Measurement of Loss Pairs in Network Paths

Speaker: Edmond Chan

Short paper: Measuring Path MTU Discovery Behaviour

Speaker: Matthew Luckie

Long paper: Demystifying Service Discovery: Implementing an Internet-Wide Scanner

Speaker: Derek Leonard

Session 5: Wireless

**Long paper: **Measurement and Analysis of Real-world 802.11 Mesh Networks

Speaker: Katrina LaCurts

Long paper: Characterizing Radio Resource Allocation for 3G Networks

Speaker: Alexandre Gerber

Long paper: On the Feasibility of Effective Opportunistic Spectrum Access

Speaker: Vinod Kone

// End day 1.


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