ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) 2010: Day 2


The notes that follow are a mixture of what each speaker said, or bullets listed on slides (verbatim, with minor US->UK deltas because I was touch-typing), or thoughts of my own. If you were at IMC and you spot errors (likely), do feel free to point them out, and I’ll fix them.

The amount of text written for each is proportional to certain variables: How tired I was during the talk, how interested I was in the talk, how much I knew about the subject material, and how good the speaker was. Note also that these are pretty raw. Questions are omitted if the question was not clear; many responses from the speaker have been shortened for brevity.

Session 6: Topology

Short paper: Primitives for Active Internet Topology Mapping: Toward High-Frequency Characterization

Speaker: Robert Beverly

Short paper: Resolving IP Aliases with Prespecified Timestamps

Speaker: Justine Sherry

Long paper: On the Impact of Layer-2 on Node Degree Distribution

Speaker: Pascal Mérindol

Short paper: Eyeball ASes: From Geography to Connectivity

Speaker: Reza Rejaie (?)

Short paper: Towards an AS-to-Organization Map

Xue Cai

Session 7: Methodology II

Long paper: Comparing and Improving Current Packet Capturing Solutions based on Commodity Hardware

Lothar Braun

Short paper: High Speed Network Traffic Analysis with Commodity Multi-core Systems

Speaker: Francesco Fusco

Long paper: Network Tomography on Correlated Links

Speaker: Denisa Ghita

Short paper: Scamper: a Scalable and Extensible Packet Prober for Active Measurement of the Internet

Speaker: Matthew Luckie

Session 8: Edge Networks

Long paper: Netalyzr: Illuminating The Edge Network

Speaker; Christian Kreibich

Short paper: An Experimental Study of Home Gateway Characteristics

Speaker; Seppo Hätönen

Long paper: Network Traffic Characteristics of Data Centers in the Wild

Speaker: Theophilus Benson

Short paper: A First Look at Traffic on Smartphones

Ratul Mahajan

Session 9: Wireless and Mobility

Short paper: Listen to Me If You Can: Tracking User Experience of Mobile Network on Social Media

Speaker: ??

Short paper: The Effect of Packet Loss on Redundancy Elimination in Cellular Wireless Networks

Speaker: Katherine Guo

Short paper: Performance Comparison of 3G and Metro-Scale WiFi for Vehicular Network Access

Speaker: Pralhad Deshpande

Session 10: Classification

Short paper: An Empirical Study of Orphan DNS Servers in the Internet

Speaker: Amogh Dhamdhere (non-author)

Short paper: FlowRoute: Inferring Forwarding Table Updates Using Passive Flow-level Measurements

Speaker: Amogh Dhamdhere

Short paper: Digging into HTTPS: Flow-Based Classification of Webmail Traffic

Speaker: Dominik Schatzmann


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