Passive and Active Measurement Conference (PAM) 2013, day 2


The notes that follow are a mixture of what each speaker said, or bullets listed on slides, or thoughts of my own. If you were at PAM and you spot errors (likely), feel free to point them out, and I’ll fix them. Not all papers are covered, but a good bunch of them are.

Conference Website:

Dates: 1819 March, 2013

Session 4

Measuring Occurrence of DNSSEC Validation

Speaker: Matthaus Wander

On the state of ECN and TCP Options on the Internet

Speaker: Mirja Kuehlewind

Measuring Query Latency of Top Level DNS Servers

Speaker: Jinjin Liang

IPv6 Alias Resolution via Induced Fragmentation

Speaker: Matthew Luckie

Session 5

Measuring Home Networks with HomeNet Profiler

Speaker: Lucas DiCioccio

Trying Broadband Characterization at Home

Speaker: Mario A. Sanchez

Session 6

Searching for Spam: Detecting Fraudulent Accounts via Web Search

Speaker: Marcel Flores

Characterization of Blacklists and Tainted Network Traffic

Speaker: Jing Zhang

Characterizing Large-scale Routing Anomalies: A Case Study of the China Telecom Incident

Speaker: Rahul Hiran

End of conference


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