The year that was 2013.

2013 ended on a really nice uptick for me.

Having moved to California only in November 2012, it was only a few months before I was putting serious consideration into finding a new job. In the end, no real job hunt had to happen: in June I was contacted about a job; in August I interviewed; in September I was offered the job and in October the visa transfer was complete to allow me to make the jump. So, I’m now an IPv6 evangelist at Yahoo, which is a specatular role, and puts me firmly back into a network architecture and network measurement role. Conference travel is basically guaranteed. I’m working from the Sunnyvale office now, with the aim being to split my time between San Francisco and Sunnyvale in the near future.

In terms of publications, I attained only one, but it was a good one. I got a CACM paper.

Travel featured four new cities:

I also spent about a month back the UK, as far north as Inverness and as far south as London, with the lion’s share of the time in Glasgow. While I was back home, I took some vacation time and walked the Great Glen Way during some spectacular summer weather.

Running: over 600km throughout the year. Primarily around Golden Gate park or the panhandle or sometimes treadmill runs, but also two tourist runs around Central Park and around the American National Mall were great fun.

All in all, I’m really pleased with the direction things took at the end of the year. Next year: more fun work, and hopefully more good trips, and also a couple of side-projects that I have on the cards!


Posted by Stephen Strowes on Friday, February 7th, 2014. You can follow me on twitter.

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