ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) 2010: Day 3


The notes that follow are a mixture of what each speaker said, or bullets listed on slides (verbatim, with minor US->UK deltas because I was touch-typing), or thoughts of my own. If you were at IMC and you spot errors (likely), do feel free to point them out, and I’ll fix them.

The amount of text written for each is proportional to certain variables: How tired I was during the talk, how interested I was in the talk, how much I knew about the subject material, and how good the speaker was. Note also that these are pretty raw. Questions are omitted if the question was not clear; many responses from the speaker have been shortened for brevity.

Session 11: Methodology III

Long paper: Revisiting the Case for a Minimalist Approach for Network Flow Monitoring

Speaker: Vyas Sekar

Long paper: Exact Temporal Characterization of 10 Gbps Optical Wide-Area Network

Speaker: Daniel A. Freedman

Long paper: TraceNET: An Internet Topology Data Collector

Speaker: Kamil Sarac

Session 12: Online Social Networks

Long paper: Understanding Latent Interactions in Online Social Networks

Speaker: Jing Jiang

Short paper: Measuring the Mixing Time of Social Graphs

Speaker: Abedelaziz Mohaisen

Long paper: Estimating and Sampling Graphs with Multidimensional Random Walks

Speaker: Bruno Ribeiro

Short paper: The Impact of YouTube Recommendation System on Video Views

Speaker: Lixin Gao

Session 13: Path Properties and Dynamics

Long paper: Selecting Representative IP Addresses for Internet Topology Studies

Speaker: Xun Fan

Short paper: Representative Speed Tests for Free: Estimating Achievable Download Speed from Passive Measurements

Speaker: Jeffrey Pang

Long paper: YouTube Traffic Dynamics and Its Interplay with a Tier-1 ISP: An ISP Perspective

Speaker: Vijay Kumar Adhikari

Short paper: On the Characteristics and Reasons of Long-lived Internet Flows

Speaker: Lin Quan

Session 14: Anomaly and Event Detection

Long paper: BasisDetect : A Model-based Network Event Detection Framework

Speaker: Paul Barford

Short paper: Temporally Oblivious Anomaly Detection on Large Networks Using Functional Peers

Speaker: Kevin M. Carter

Long paper: What Happened in my Network? Mining Network Events from Router Syslogs

Speaker: Dan Pei


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