IMC 2014 Notes

These are my scribbled notes from IMC 2014. They’re very incomplete and probably inaccurate at points, but they’re what I caught from papers interesting to me when I was in the conference hall. I don’t note down questions that don’t contribute much, but I try and note questions/answers that contribute beyond what was already covered in the talk. If I’ve misrepresented your work, please get in touch and I’ll fix things up!

Session 1: Interdomain Routing and Traffic

Inter-Domain Traffic Estimation for the Outsider


Challenges in Inferring Internet Interdomain Congestion


Inferring Complex AS Relationships


Peering at Peerings: On the Role of IXP Route Servers


Session 2: Understanding (Mobile) Broadband Networks

Measuring the Reliability of Mobile Broadband Networks


Behind the Curtain - Cellular DNS and Content Replica Selection


When the Internet Sleeps: Correlating Diurnal Networks With External Factors


Need, Want, Can Afford - Broadband Markets and the Behavior of Users


Session 4: Mobile Systems and Networks

WiFi, LTE, or Both? Measuring Multi-homed Wireless Internet Performance

Session 5: Theory Underpinnings

Node Failure Localization via Network Tomography

Efficient Large Flow Detection over Arbitrary Windows: An Algorithm Exact Outside An Ambiguity Region

Crossroads: A Practical Data Sketching Solution for Mining Intersection of Streams

OFSS: Skampling for the Flow Size Distribution

Session 6: Shedding Light on the Web

**Dissecting Web Latency in Ghana **


Session 7: Internet Censorship

A Look at the Consequences of Internet Censorship Through an ISP Lens


Censorship in the Wild: Analyzing Internet Filtering in Syria


Capturing Ghosts: Predicting the Used IPv4 Space by Inferring Unobserved Addresses

Session 9: Illuminating Malicious Behavior

Handcrafted Fraud and Extortion: Manual Account Hijacking in the Wild


Session 12: SSL and Heartbleed

The Matter of Heartbleed

Forced Perspectives: Evaluating an SSL Trust Enhancement at Scale


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